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CODIXX Germany

CODIXX AG develops and produces high performance glass polarizers. Based on a unique technology, undefineddichroic polarizers are manufactured for the usage in the optical measurement instrumentation, telecommunication, light technique and display technique.
Offered under the trade name colorPol®, the polarizers get applied world wide. Based on the colorPol® technology, CODIXX AG is able to customize its polarizers to the applications needs. Important parameters like spectral range, contrast ratio and transmittance can be optimized as well as size and shape.
Yet another unique product is the undefinedpatterned polarizer. It allows all new products and marks the cutting edge of polarizer technology.
visible spectra polarizer

colorPol® Xtrafine excellent characteristics in only 25 m thick

CODIXX extends the colorPol® family with a new product - the colorPol® Xtrafine.
colorPol® Xtrafine stands for high performance and unique properties packaged in a very thin shape. Until now the colorPol® polarizers were available within a thickness range of 0.2 to 0.5 mm. But with continuous development activities in close collaboration with customers CODIXX realized a new polarizer with a thickness of 25 m.

Despite its thin shape the colorPol® Xtrafine offers unique transmittance properties of > 88% exceeding 97 % (with AR coating) and contrast        ratios above 1,000:1 (30dB) in the spectral range of 1,250 - 1,650 nm.         Based on the unique colorPol® technology for doping of sodium silicate glass with prolate silver nanoparticles all colorPol® polarizers provide high     temperature stability up to +400 C, resistance against rough environmental influences, against the most chemicals, UV radiation and bleaching as well as the ease applicability to name a few and complies completely with international RoHS- requirements. With the enhancement of the colorPol® polarizer family by the colorPol® Xtrafine CODIXX makes another important step to enter into the future market of the optical communication.

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1st place in the category Marketing CODIXX supports student project "Steps to Work"

Within the project "Steps to Work" for practical work and study orientation of
Saxony-Anhalt the CODIXX supported students of the International Grammar School Pierre Trudeau in Barleben creating their company project named "culture-specific aesthetic codes and communication in the Chinese economy and their use in marketing activities as part of a trade show. "
That based on a real and current issue of the company. The goal of the project was to give students a practical insight into the areas of responsibility of a company and to identify future prospects in Saxony-Anhalt.

On 9th of October 2013 the results have been presented and honored at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. The CODIXX student team consisting of two students of the 11th class got the 1st place in the category Marketing. The CODIXX wants to thank for the dedication and commitment of its team of students and the project team "Steps to Work".