circular polarizer

polarizer sample sets

You have now the opportunity to prepackage a sample set.
Provide the numbers for the desired filter type.
The total amount of filters needs to be 4 or 6.
If you want to test more the 6 polarizers, simply fill out and submit the form as often as necessary.

Sample set with 4 polarizers
1 x VIS 500 BC3
1 x VIS 700 BC4

Sample set with 6 polarizers

2 x VIS 500 BC3
2 x VIS 700 BC4
1 x IR 950 BC4
1 x IR 1300 BC5

To help speed your evaluations along, CODIXX guarantees the shipment of your sample set on the day the order is received.

Please state your company or institution and a contact person with an email address and phone number.

Fields marked with "*" have to be filled out.

colorPol® UV 375 BC5  pcs.   colorPol® UV 380 BC4  pcs.

colorPol® VIS 500 BC3  pcs.   colorPol® VIS 500 BC3 CW01  pcs.
colorPol® VIS 500 BC4  pcs.   colorPol® VIS 500 BC4 CW01  pcs.
colorPol® VIS 600 BC4  pcs.   colorPol® VIS 600 BC4 CW01  pcs.
colorPol® VIS 700 BC3  pcs.   colorPol® VIS 700 BC3 CW03  pcs.
colorPol® VIS 700 BC4  pcs.   colorPol® VIS 700 BC4 CW02  pcs.
colorPol® IR 950 BC4  pcs.   colorPol® IR 950 BC4 CW02   pcs.

colorPol® VISIR  pcs.   colorPol® VISIR CW02  pcs.
colorPol® IR 1100 BC4   pcs.   colorPol® IR 1300 BC5  pcs.
colorPol® IR 1310 BC4 HT   pcs.   colorPol® IR 1310 BC4 HT C1310  pcs.
colorPol® IR 1550 BC4 HT   pcs.   colorPol® IR 1550 BC4 HT C1550   pcs.
colorPol® IR 2000 BC2 HT   pcs.        

colorPol® Laserline Nd:YAG BC4  pcs.   colorPol® MIR   pcs.

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