colorPol® S - the patterned polarizer

The polarizer for specific applications and special requirements

Lateral design of regions with various characteristics of polarization, for example regions with

  • Diverse wavelength ranges
  • Different polarization axes
  • Transmissible or blocked regions
Shape and sizeCircles, rectangles, triangles as well as free-form shapes in several sizes

Anti-reflection coating to increase transmission and to reduce reflection

Design according to specific customer requirements.

Technical data of different technologies


Mosaic technologyLithography
Wavelength range340 – 2650 nm340 – 2650 nm
Contrast ratioAs standard products

Small structures of up to 10,000:1

otherwise standard products

Resolution of each segment

Depends on segment shape and

on number of segments


(> 2 resp. 10 mm)

Down to 30 µm
Quantity of different segmentslimitedlimited
Orientation of the polarization axes< 0.5 – 2 °< 0.5 °