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The CODIXX AG is a German share holder company, established on September 1st, 1998.
After a period of technology development and building up the production equipment, the CODIXX AG has started the production of a new family of dichroic glass-polarizers in 2002. The production site is located in Barleben near Magdeburg. Since the end of 2002 the company is dedicated to the development, the production and the marketing of dichroic glass polarizers, that are sold world-wide under the tradename colorPol®. Based on a unique technology for the production and treatment of nanoparticles in glass, the CODIXX AG manufactures high-quality polarizers for the ultraviolet, the visible and the infrared spectral range.
The extraordinary flexibility of the colorPol® technology allows for the production of customized polarizers meeting demands for all spectral ranges, contrast conditions and designs.

From the beginning, the CODIXX AG used the Quality Management System DIN-ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the highest quality standard of the products. The QMS was certified by the TÜV Nord CERT in August 2003. In July 2012 the certification was renewed and is now valid until 2015.


colorPol® polarizers completely follow the international RoHS, REACH and PFOS regulations.



board of directors:

Dr. Paul-Frank Weise [chairman]


Klaus Gerber

Dr. Günter Heine

Dr.-Ing. Hans-Jürgen Gaudig

Kurt-Wolfgang Fredemann

Harald Gabriel



managing board:

Detlef M.A. Prinzler



plant manager:

André Volke

DIN-ISO 9001:2008

DIN-ISO 9001:2008 Certificate




REACH Declaration


Declaration of Conformity