colorPol® High Transmittance polarizers (HT series)

The polarizer used in near infrared

→ Low intrinsic losses and highest transmission


Wavelength range1250 – 2500 nm
Contrast> 10,000 : 1

0.2 resp. 0.25 resp. 0.5 (+/- 0.05) mm (non-laminated)

2.0 (+/- 0.2) mm (laminated)

Temperature range

- 50 to + 400 °C (non-laminated)

- 20 to + 120 °C (laminated)

OptionAnti-reflection coating to increase transmission and to reduce reflection
Transmission> 96 % (with anti-reflection coating)
DimensionsAccording to specific customer requirements

More spectral ranges, transmission characteristics and contrast ratios are available.

Important features of colorPol® polarizers

  • Thin like foil polarizers
  • Handling like glass and silicon wafers
  • Resistant to UV radiation and most chemicals
  • Wide acceptance angle for incident radiation

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colorPol® HT polarizer


colorPol® products Wavelengthrange [nm] Transmittance [%] Contrast Thickness [µm] unlaminated Dimension [mm2] PDF
IR 1310 BC4 HT 1,280-1,500 >88 >10,000:1 270+/-50  <=100x60



IR 1310 BC4 HT C1310

(AR coated)



>10,000:1 270+/-50  <=100x60

IR 1310N BC4 T2 HT




colorPol IR 1310N BC4 T2 HT general.pdf

IR 1310N BC4 T2 HT CS1310

(single site AR coated)


IR 1310N BC4 T2 HT C1310

(single site AR coated)

IR 1490 BC4 HT 1,450-1,530 >88 >10,000:1 270+/-50  <=100x60



IR 1490 BC4 HT C1490

(AR coated)

1,450-1,530 >96 >10,000:1 270+/-50  <=100x60

IR 1310N BC4 T2 HT

1.460-1.520>88>10,000:1<=100x60 <=100x50



colorPol IR 1490N BC4 T2 HT general.pdf

IR 1310N BC4 T2 HT CS1310

(single site AR coated)


IR 1310N BC4 T2 HT C1310

(single site AR coated)

IR 1550 BC4 HT 1,480-1,650 >88 >10,000:1 250+/-50  <=100x60



IR 1550 BC4 HT C1550

(AR coated)



>10,000:1 250+/-50  <=100x60

IR 1550N BC4 T2 HT




colorPol IR 1550N BC4 T2 HT general.pdf

IR 1550N BC4 T2 HT CS1550

(single site AR coated)


IR 1550N BC4 T2 HT C1550

(single site AR coated)

IR 2000 BC2 HT 1,600-2,500 >90 >100:1 220+/-50  <=100x50 colorPol_IR_2000_BC2_HT_general.pdf

IR 2000 BC2 HT CW06

(AR coated)

1,600-2,500 >96 >100:1 220+/-50  <=100x50 colorPol_IR_2000_BC2_HT_CW06_general.pdf
Contrast ratios ≥ 100,000:1, other thicknesses, shapes or dimensions on request. Reflection losses can be minimized by antireflection coating. AR-coatings are available for different wavelength ranges as V-coating or wide-band version.

colorPol® polarizers completely follow the international RoHS, REACH and PFOS regulations.

colorPol IR 1310 BC4 HT

colorPol® IR 1310 BC4 HT

colorPol IR 1490 BC4 HT

colorPol® IR 1490 BC4 HT

colorPol IR 1550 BC4 HT

colorPol® IR 1550 BC4 HT

colorPol IR 2000 BC2 HT

colorPol® IR 2000 BC2 HT