colorPol® IR polarizer


colorPol® IR standard products are available for the 1,000 - 5,000 nm range and offer high contrast, high transmittance or large bandwidth. In addition to the IR standard products, CODIXX offers customized polarizers within the wavelength ranges of 340 - 420 nm or
450 nm - 5 µm. Contrast of up to 80 dB or transmittance of more than 98% for selected wavelengths ranges are available.



colorPol® MIR and colorPol® NIR - polarizer for the mid infrared range

The colorPol® MIR and colorPol® NIR are beside the known unique properties of all colorPol® polarizers with a very large bandwidth and provides high extinction ratios of above 10,000:1 (40dB). Transmittance properties up to 87% underline the entitlement to a high performance polarizer.

  • Polarizers can be handled like simple glass plates.
  • The polarizing filter offers a wide acceptance angle.
  • are flat like foil polarizers
  • are resistant against UV radiation and chemicals
  • are resistant against temperatures up to +400 °C

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colorPol® standard products for IR polarizer:


colorPol® products Wavelengthrange [nm] Transmittance [%] Contrast Thickness [µm] unlaminated Thickness [mm] laminated Dimension [mm2] PDF







>10,000:1 1,000-3,000 nm 250+/-65 2.0+/-0.2 <=100x60 colorPol_NIR_general.pdf





>10,000:1 >1,000:1 200+/-50 2.0+/-0.2 <=100x50 colorPol_MIR_general.pdf
Laserline Nd:YAG BC4 at 1,064 nm >79 >10,000:1 270+/-50 2.0+/-0.2 <=100x60 colorPol_Laserline_NdYAG_BC4 _general.pdf
Contrast ratios ≥ 100,000:1, other thicknesses, shapes or dimensions on request. Reflection losses can be minimized by antireflection coating. AR-coatings are available for different wavelength ranges as V-coating or wide-band version.

colorPol® polarizers completely follow the international RoHS, REACH and PFOS regulations.

colorPol NIR
colorPol® NIR
colorPol MIR
colorPol® MIR
colorPol Laserline Nd:YAG BC4
colorPol® Laserline Nd:YAG BC4