colorPol® polarizers

CODIXX current brochure 2017

the polarizer family Made in Germany


Please download the current brochure 2018 as PDF file (filesize approx. 2,6 MB) and learn more on the product portfolio of our polarizers.





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  • a new glass polarizer family
  • general specifications
  • standard polarizers
  • high transmittance polarizers
  • standard round polarizers
  • patterned polarizers
  • sample set
  • company certification

colorPol® High Transmittance polarizers

high transmittance polarizers

the polarizer family made for Optical Communication


Please download our current brochure as PDF file (filesize approx. 1.5 MB) and learn more about our high transmittance polarizers.



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  • Applications

  • HT polarizers

  • general specifications

  • colorPol® technology

  • general properties

  • patterned polarizers