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13.08.2018 Communiqués de presse

08/2018 Highest quality with system: CODIXX successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The German polarizer manufacturer CODIXX AG from Barleben has received the quality management certification according to the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. The company places an emphasis on quality and has been using the...[details]

23.01.2018 Communiqués de presse

01/2018 - Free workshop on polarization and polarizers at SPIE Photonics West 2018

Have you ever wanted to know more about polarization and polarizers? You plan on attending the Photonics West from January 30 to February 01 in 2018?   Then visit the free workshop on Laser Optics and Polarizers hosted by...[details]

06.11.2017 Communiqués de presse

11/2017 CODIXX is first time exhibitor at Compamed 2017

More and more medical devices use optical sensors to utilize the information of light. To get most of the required information, optical sensors are developed continuously. But as they are getting more sensitive for information,...[details]

03.05.2017 Communiqués de presse

05/2017 - CODIXX receives certificate as recognized apprenticing company

A successful working life starts with a qualified apprenticeship. To be recognized as an apprenticing company through the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) confirms the sound apprenticeship of CODIXX. We have been training...[details]

08.06.2015 Communiqués de presse

06/2015 - colorPol® polarizers for sensor and measurement applications

The polarization of light becomes more and more important in the optical analytic, significant measurement technique and in sensor applications. The quality of the polarizer often decides the success of the devices....[details]

30.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

02/2015 - CODIXX website relaunch user-friendly and easy to navigate with a fresh design

CODIXX AG, a German manufacturer of colorPol® glass polarizers, is pleased to announce the launch of its website  From the beginning of February 2015 CODIXX will present itself with its new, redesigned...[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

01/2014 - colorPol® Xtrafine – excellent characteristics in only 25 µm thick

CODIXX extends the colorPol® family with a new product - the colorPol® Xtrafine.colorPol® Xtrafine stands for high performance and unique properties packaged in a very thin shape. Until now the colorPol®...[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

10/2013 - 1st place in the category Marketing CODIXX supports student project "Steps to Work"

Within the project "Steps to Work" for practical work and study orientation of Saxony-Anhalt the CODIXX supported students of the International Grammar School Pierre Trudeau in Barleben creating their company project named...[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

01/2012 - colorPol® NIR – CODIXX's newest member of the colorPol® family

CODIXX extends the colorPol® polarizer product family with a new product covering the near infrared range - the colorPol® NIR. With the steady raise of applications in the NIR range like matter analysis or thermo­graphy,...[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

03/2011 - CODIXX goes Russia

Since generations, Russian scientists and researchers are considered to be innovative and trend-setting. For a long time, the Russian capabilities in the field of optical technologies have an excellent reputation worldwide. ...[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

02/2011 - Enhanced production capabilities for colorPol® polarizers

Recently CODIXX did enhance its fabrication capabilities to meet the increasing and more demanding requests.It enables now filter dimensions down to 0.5 x 0.5 mm2 as well as various kinds of shapes and complex geometric forms....[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

01/2010 - Communiqués de presse

Projection devices are the 2nd most technique to display information. Its size ranges from large cine projectors over rear projection systems in TV size and small screen size in for example navigation systems down to tiny devices...[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

03/2009 - CODIXX is introducing next generation of colorPol® MIR

In 2008 for the first time CODIXX presented a glass-polarizer which has been developed especially for the mid infrared range – the colorPol® MIR. Until today the unique colorPol® MIR polarizer is worlwide the only...[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

02/2009 - CODIXX's colorPol® HT polarizer family

Since the market launch of the first colorPol® HT polarizers in 2004 this special colorPol® polarizer family is making a successful history.Designed for the demanding requirements of the telecommunication industry...[details]

29.01.2015 Communiqués de presse

01/2009 - colorPol® polarizers with new broadband AR (anti-reflection) - coating

CODIXX extends its assortment of standard AR (anti-reflection) - coatings for colorPol® polarizers. The request for high end IR polarizers has been growing in the last years. For many IR applications high transmittance...[details]