Nouveau produit : colorPol® NIR

CODIXX's newest member of the colorPol® family: colorPol® NIR polarizer

CODIXX extends the colorPol® polarizer product family with a new product covering the near infrared range - the colorPol® NIR. With the steady raise of applications in the NIR range like matter analysis or thermo­graphy, this polarizer closes the last gap in the near infrared range.

This filter comes with a large bandwidth and provides high extinction ratios of above 10,000 : 1 (40dB) within 1200 nm ‑ 3000 nm and above 1,000 : 1 (30dB) within 1000 nm ‑ 3000 nm. Transmittance proper­ties up to 87% (without AR coating) underline the entitlement to a high performance po­larizer.

Because of the unique setup of the colorPol® polarizer, which is a thin glass plate with embedded silver nano particles, it is an easy to use polarizer. Its extreme wide acceptance angle range of ± 20° and incomparable temperature stability ranging from -50° C (-58° F) up to +400° C (+750° F) allows many applications and an unbeaten lifetime.

Any type of dielectric or metallic coating can be applied to all polarizers of the colorPol® line. Even with coating the colorPol® polarizer can be processed like glass or silicon wafers. It is resistant to UV radiation, solvents, most acids and bases and complies with the RoHS directive.

Dimensions ranging from 1 x 1 mm² up to 100 x 50 mm² and different shapes are available. In addition, the filter is offered in standard versions with diameters of 12.5 mm, 25.0 mm as well as 0.5 inches and 1.0 inches, respectively.