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01/2010 - Presseinformation

Projection devices are the 2nd most technique to display information. Its size ranges from large cine projectors over rear projection systems in TV size and small screen size in for example navigation systems down to tiny devices used in mobile devices like cameras and soon upcoming in mobile phones. An important technology for R (red) – G (green) – B (blue) projectors is based on polarization. Especially key components like polarizers stand in focus because of the increased light power at smaller form factors, which usually damage common film polarizers.

CODIXX rises to this challenge and presents its latest polarizers optimized for the use in the red, green and blue wavelengths - colorPol® VIS 006 AC3 (440-480 nm), colorPol® VIS 007 BC3 (500- 550 nm) and colorPol® VIS 008 BC3 (600-650 nm). All polarizers feature an extinction ratio of above 1,000 :1, extreme temperature stability ranging from -50° C (-58° F) up to +400° C (+750° F).

Because of the unique setup of the colorPol® polarizer, which is a thin glass plate with embedded silver nano particles, any type of dielectric or metallic coating can be applied to all polarizers of the colorPol® line. Even with coating the colorPol® polarizer can be processed like glass or silicon wafers. It is resistant to UV radiation, solvents and most acids and bases and complies with RoHS.

Dimensions ranging from 1 x 1 mm2 up to 100 x 50 mm2 and different shapes are available. In addition, the filter is offered in standard versions with diameters of 12.5 mm, 25.0 mm as well as 0.5 inches and 1.0 inches, respectively.
CODIXX is a manufacturer of optical polarizers for the infrared, the visible and UV spectral range. On the cutting edge of nanotechnology, its leading role is a result of steady development since it was founded in 1998.