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01/2018 - Free workshop on polarization and polarizers at SPIE Photonics West 2018

Invite for workshop on polarizers during Photonics West 2018

Have you ever wanted to know more about polarization and polarizers? You plan on attending the Photonics West from January 30 to February 01 in 2018?


Then visit the free workshop on Laser Optics and Polarizers hosted by CODIXX and LASER COMPONENTS!


Polarizers are widely used in photonics from optical fiber communications to live science or aerospace. Even though they may be just a tiny part; the wrong polarizer can render the device useless. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how polarization is used and which requirements are important for an application to select the most suitable polarizer type.


This workshop will provide you with the basic knowledge to make the right choice. André Volke (CODIXX) will explain polarization and list basic types of polarizers. Properties of each polarizer type will be reviewed and how these characteristics are essential for various applications. Lastly, key parameters will be defined to help you find “your” matching polarizer for the intended application.


Discussions or questions can be continued after the workshop at the booth of LASER COMPONENTS, #1931. There you can find the instructor and another staff member of CODIXX at your disposal.


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