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03/2011 - CODIXX goes Russia

Since generations, Russian scientists and researchers are considered to be innovative and trend-setting. For a long time, the Russian capabilities in the field of optical technologies have an excellent reputation worldwide.

As a perfect match, the colorPol® polarizer with its unique and outstanding properties, will now be available in Russia. CODIXX's new dedication to the Russian market will enable an easier access to the polarizers in near future.

In its commitment to the Eastern Europe market, CODIXX will be present at the “Photonica Moscow”, held between 18th until 21st of April 2011.

CODIXX is a manufacturer of optical polarizers for the UV, VIS, NIR and MIR range which are distributed under the brand name colorPol® since 2002.

The colorPol® polarizer is a thin glass plate with embedded silver nano particles and can be processed like glass or semiconductor wafers. It is resistant to UV radiation, solvents and most acids and bases and complies with RoHS.

In the UV, VIS, NIR and MIR range (340 nm up to 5 µm) these filters feature a high acceptance angle of > ± 20°, high transmittance up to 98%, a very high contrast (extinction ratio) of 107:1 and cover a wide operational wavelength range: e.g. a bandwidth of 2500 nm with a contrast above 104:1.

They have also a wide operating temperature range from < – 50°C to + 400°C.

The colorPol® technology enables CODIXX to produce the worlds unique colorPol® S:
A customized patterned polarizer with adjacent areas of different orientation of polarization axes.

Beside the standard dimensions CODIXX supplies its colorPol® polarizers customized in desired shapes and dimensions. colorPol® filters are available with a low wavefront distortion of less than λ/4 too.

Also, the polarizes can be delivered with standard AR coatings or customized AR coatings.

Applications for colorPol® polarizers include optical measurement equipment, telecommunication, sensor technology, laser application, illumination and imaging.

CODIXX is a German company founded in 1998. It is certified according to the quality management system DIN-ISO 9001:2008.