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06/2015 - colorPol® polarizers for sensor and measurement applications

selection of colorPol polarizers

The polarization of light becomes more and more important in the optical analytic, significant measurement technique and in sensor applications. The quality of the polarizer often decides the success of the devices. Consequentially the requirements to the polarizer are growing continuously. CODIXX has faced up to the challenge and makes available its colorPol® polarizer meeting most of the special requirements for such applications.

The colorPol® polarizer is a thin glass plate with embedded silver nano particles and can be processed like glass or semiconductor wafers. It is resistant to UV radiation, solvents and most acids and bases and complies completely with international RoHS-, REACH- and PFOS-regulations. In the UV, VIS, NIR and MIR range (340 nm up to 5 μm) these filters feature a high acceptance angle of >± 20°, high transmittance up to 98%, a very high contrast (extinction ratio) of 10 7 :1 and cover a wide operational wavelength range. They have also a wide operating temperature range from < – 50°C to + 400°C. colorPol® polarization filters are available with a low wavefront distortion of less than λ/4 too. Also, the polarizes can be delivered with standard or customized AR coatings. Beside the standard dimensions CODIXX supplies its colorPol® polarizers customized in desired shapes and dimensions.

The colorPol® technology enables CODIXX to produce the worlds unique colorPol® S. In difference to a common linear polarizer, which provides the same optical properties over the whole clear aperture, this patterned polarizer is subdivided into segments. The segments may have different optical properties like the orientation of the polarization axis or wavelength range, or can be opaque or transparent. Size, shape and number of segments with different optical properties determine which of CODIXX's unique manufacturing technologies for patterned polarizers is applicable.

From the beginning, CODIXX used the Quality Management System DIN-ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the highest quality standard of the products. The QMS was certified by the TÜV Nord CERT in August 2003. In July 2012 the certification was renewed and is now valid until 2015.

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